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Sabine’s Hurt

A couple of weeks ago, I shared the following post on my Facebook and Instagram asking for feedback. Which option is more effective? Which option conveys more emotion? I was very surprised by the responses. They were very mixed. Because I love words and gorgeously constructed sentences (don’t all writers?), I thought that I shouldContinue reading “Sabine’s Hurt”

Alain Dug His Own Grave

No warm fuzzies in this one. Some say the feu follets (glowing balls of fire seen in the swamp) are spirits marking the places Jean Laffite buried his treasure.🏴‍☠️ Legends say he killed a crew member and buried them with the treasure. The feu follets are their spirits.

Banana Bread

“Awe. The bananas are brown.” My son’s disappointment grows into a tasty idea. It spreads into a coy smile and arches into his excited eyebrows.   “We should make banana bread.” He is nine years old and did not put his laundry in the dryer when I told him to, so he wears his brother’s oversizedContinue reading “Banana Bread”

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